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it’s a saturday night. i’m tired. it was a great weekend at the restaurant, but friday night i blew my cool at the very end of the night. after a flawless night, i left the kitchen at 9:45 and came back in at 10:10 to find a burnt calzone. i lost it. i blew up. i went crazy on some people. anyway, i felt pretty bad later about freaking out so hard so i stayed up late drawing and writing and wasn’t in bed until 3am. of course my boy silas was up at 6:45, trying to add water to his humidifier, and making himself cereal, and being quite awake. tonight was smooth. the worst part again revolved around a calzone. at the end of the night i made myself a calzone: steak, basil, feta, bacon, tomatoes, and zucchini. when it was delivered to the office the bottom was white, totally uncooked dough, but the top looked fine. i didn’t freak out though, i just showed the guy what it looked like. of course, i hate to get my food under or over cooked but what worries me even more is what is going out to the customers. if the cook doesn’t cook my food right, then how do i know the other food has been right? these questions keep me up at night.
it was cold outside but people waited anyway, God bless ’em. people even eating outside and the temperature has to be in the 40’s. i’m working hard on closing in a new outside area so we can heat it. i’ll probably get it finished by the time the cold weather is gone. you know, we can mainly only work on these things on sundays and mondays when we’re closed and i’m supposed to be off then…. so, these things get drawn out sometimes.
the cool photos above are compliments of lightnin’ salvage enterprises.