acupuncture helps me

i feel better today. i feel like i am coming out of my funk and into a good place.

i got back in the studio today. i got excited about starting a new art project but need to finish my current one first.  two more stained glass windows and i can move on to the next big project in the studio. and i’m halfway done with the first so it could be a couple weeks and i’ll be ready…. to clean out the glass, or store it neatly in the corners… and ready the studio for making tiles.

yes you read that right, tiles.  i want to make a thousand million tiles in different shapes and colors for mosaic.  i want to mosaic the entire outside of the new lightnin salvage so if i start making tiles now i can have a lot ready for when the building is done.  i want it to look like a temple of some kind, some sort of crazy vibrant colorful temple or church or mosque or whatever those buildings are covered in mosaic.

i’ve never made tiles but i know a woman who has.  she knows clay and has a kiln so maybe we can work on a mosaic tile factory in 2017.  i am so excited about the idea i can barely stand it.

doesn’t take much to turn me around 180 degrees…. a good session with my acupuncturist and then an idea that i can obsess on in my studio that can result in something visually stunning if i pull it off.

anyway, 12:54am means no more top secret information for you, dear and gentle reader. no. got to get that beauty sleep if i am going to become a great mosaic tile maker soon. i am not 100% back in the swing but i feel like i am over the hump and rolling downhill at a mellow speed.  it’s a long slow incline and i am slowly sliding on a large sheet of cardboard, hopefully to fall into a pool of chocolate pudding at the end. i’m only at 55% but i’m headed in the right direction now.


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