It’s too late to start writing I know that but I start writing anyway. It’s a problem. I do things I know I shouldn’t do, like order popcorn at the movies right after eating dinner, or eating a second dessert when I am just being gluttonous. Or having pizza AGAIN when I know I should eat a vegetable once in a while. I’ve had pizza from 4 places in the last week, and at least 7 times. I ate pizza at this new place V Pizza twice. Once to try the pizza and once I went to try the wings but tried their gluten free pizza also. I went to the food truck Humble Pie one lunch, because I was craving some pizza and wanted to try something different. I’ve eaten at my own pizza place several times, and one night had take out from my place at a friends, one night a leftover a calzone from the frig.

Today I drove south of Ocala to buy a new mixer for our baker because she overloads all the mixers and has gone through 4 or 5 in the past 13 years, and when I got to the restaurant with it my wife was there and she asked to see it. I am hoping this is a more powerful mixer and maybe will last us a long time. I spent more on it than the other mixers.  Anyway, I open the door of the car to show her quickly and close the door and she says, “Why does your car smell like pizza?” and I was busted. I had stopped at Domino’s on the way back from Ocala because I had gotten some free pizza coupons and haven’t had Domino’s in some time. She was shocked, but she shouldn’t be. She knows me. But when she asked where I got lunch the other day when I had eaten at Humble Pie I avoided the question and changed the subject and she never caught on, so she doesn’t know about that time.

If I didn’t feel so guilt I might go to Pizza Hut tomorrow because I had Pizza Hut as a kid and I like to have that pizza every year or so to remember my childhood. I’m on a roll so why not keep going?  We’ll see.  It’s always best when I can slip it in some afternoon and she doesn’t know. She wants me to be healthy, my wife, and so she gives me shit for eating pizza too much. I understand. It really isn;t good for me.

But back to my regular rambling about sleep and trying to get enough and my bedtime (which I feel like I must mention on every post to explain my brevity and hurried tone…) it’s almost midnight and I didn’t sleep good last night and need to get my teeth brushed and make a plan for tomorrow, which means gather some stuff, make a list, mentally prepare a minute for my day, so I can’t tell you about the stained glass I’m working on, the paintings I am not getting done, or the slow pace of my progress which is only slow for me but not compared to normalness. I am wishing and hoping that I make time to write and maybe make a new podcast, and sleep more, in the coming days and weeks. But I also want to make time to jog, swim, and do some general stretching and I know the challenge of “making time.” It’s something I’m not good at. I find time now and then but I find it so hard to make time. Mostly it just rolls right over me like a herd of buffalo. Good night and good luck in finding something better to read than this.

Oh and a quick P.S.: getting this off my chest might help me sleep better tonight. Apple is getting on my nerves.  Not even the headphone jack thing that so many people are mad about. I could care less about that.  No, my pretty new computer SUCKS since I installed this new OS and my phone sorta sucks too and I’m actually considering buying an android phone and a Windows computer. I can’t believe I just said that. I have been using a Mac for I don’t know- 15 years now? but I just can’t take it.  iTunes is so bad, my computer and phone sort of seem shitty. It’s a long story and I don’t have time to tell but mark my words, Apple is not on the up and up. They are screwing up in a lot of ways and I wish there was a third option for me right now but it’s like the Trump Clinton thing. We only get 2 choices. you know what I mean.

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