a bad night

Restaurant business…. You know the deal. It’s tough. It’s intense. It’s up and down. We have our share of problems too, even though we have exceptional staff and have ironed out a lot of the issues over our 13 years of seeking to improve and evolve. But essentially it’s more about people than food. Sure, the food has to be good and consistent and high quality but the people are more complex. Tonight we had an employee not show for their last shift and another employee quit, just walk out after getting yelled at. The first guy had given notice but when we said we could cover his shifts before the 2 weeks was over he said no. He said he wanted all the shifts. But then he called someone to work thursday for him. and friday too at the last minute. then saturday he just didn’t show, answer his phone, or nuthin. saturday is by far our busiest night, it can be more than twice as busy as other nights. So right away things were off kilter and stressful. We’re down one and we’re slammed.

I won’t get into the details of the other guy walking out. because it would just be my side of the story and that would seem unfair.  but yes i got mad and yelled at a guy and so he left.  it’s sad.  sad for him. sad for me.   it may end up being great for him and great for me who knows?  but it’s always sad to see someone go under stress and anger.  i’ve come such a long way in learning to deal with my stress and anger, but i still cannot accept outright defiance of clear orders.  i don’t run a co-op.  i make the decisions and expect folks to do as i ask.

So it’s sad.  sad to have a guy we liked screw us by not showing up.  he has friends there. he let us all down.  doesn’t he see how this hurts the whole team?  and the other guy, the one who walked out… he has a wife and kid and new apartment.  where will he work now?  what craptastic job will he get? he made $19 an hour with me, i will say that.  he had been with us 3 years.

right about the time shit was hitting the fan in the kitchen, somehow 2 things were not made on a ticket with 5 things on it.  so 20 minutes later when the food is coming out and we realize we are short 2 items we have to re-make those and now the table is eating in shifts.  everyone at the table is done by the time the last person gets their food.  shitty.  i had to go apologize and that is never fun.  “sorry we screwed up folks. we’re having a bad night. ”

then near the end all of the plumbing backed up. so there’s that to handle on monday.  at least it was a near the end of the night and we’re closed monday and can handle it but…

restaurant bizness.

it can get so thick.

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