My life is so simple. I go to my job, running a restaurant, and find things to fix and do. I can have ZERO agenda and keep myself occupied for hours. I can have a big agenda and never get to any of it. But when I get there I find things to clean and organize. I carry a razor knife around so I can cut off the tops of boxes. I’ve bought blades for employees and talked to them about cutting off those box flaps, but I don’t think anyone gets as much enjoyment from that as me. They might do it after I ask for a couple days. But then it’s me again. Making shelves look tight. Throwing junk out that accumulates. Wondering how I can find so many server aprons left in nooks and crannies. Picking up trash in the parking lot. It’s a long list all it’s own, talking about what keeps me busy up there at the joint.

But that’s only the first slice of the day. My life is still simple. I take a kid to school and go by the joint and tighten up. I run an errand maybe and then home to the studio. I paint. I work on a stained glass window. Maybe bust out a few tools in the shop and make or fix something that needs to be made or fixed for the house or the joint…. I do this for most of the rest of the day.

There’s the dinner break. Some days I come in and eat with the family and some days I go back to the joint. But my whole life mostly breaks down into work, art, family time. It’s simple. I like it this way. I answer all my emails. I do not take meetings. I respond to every POS salesman that I don’t need a new POS. I keep telling Groupon we’re not interested. I answer question for the college students about my business. I order stuff online for the restaurant. And I spend about 10 minutes a day on the Facebook. I check a few posts that happen to be at the top of my feed and check the restaurant page too. I come across the haters sometimes. I wonder “What is up with the haters?” I wonder “How come people can be so rude and stupid on Facebook?” I swear, of all the things I do in a day, spending time on Facebook is the worst. I should probably stop posting on the work page, and checking around, but it’s like a strange addiction I barely understand. Why do I want to read the stupid comments? Why do I waste my time and energy there?

I don’t like sitting at the computer very much. To be honest I’m not even a huge fan of checking my phone although I spend half my life doing just that. It’s a phenomenon I don’t entirely understand. There’s not many things on my phone to even look at. I check Twitter more than anything, and Instagram a couple times a day. I check my email WAAAAY too often for no apparent reason. But listen to podcasts mostly on the thing. I don’t even like the podcasts that much anymore. They are all getting so boring now.

Anyway, I was interrupted by a phone call from a faraway friend. Now I’m too tired to write anymore. If I saved this as a draft I would never come back to it. I originally wanted to post about the contrast of a simple life to the internet haters but lost interest in that and what’s the point anyway? My life is simple. I like it. I imagine the less time I spend on computers the better my life will be. Out.

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